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  • Usher Levi Lawyers is result driven and achieves success by being innovative, hard working, and above all else, ethical. We ensure we do a thorough job every time. We don’t take the easy way out and we never compromise the quality of our work or values. The upshot is when it comes to issues like (for example) legal ethics, confidentiality, accounting and conflicts of interest, our position is clear and we won’t jeopardise our or our client’s reputation or even get close to the threshold. If there is any doubt, we simply won’t do it.
  • We pride ourselves on being the good guys. We’d rather have an off year, or face the music of telling the truth, than do something that’s ethically questionable, or legally borderline. That’s the gist.
  • Usher Levi is a Brisbane based modern law firm, created with the client first in mind, and the primary goal of providing legal advice of a higher quality, at a lower cost. Like a traditional law firm, we have high performance lawyers with a partner level team leader, and we understand when our clients need us and when they don’t! We do not spend money on unnecessary overheads, and that keeps the cost down for us and our clients.
  • We are proud to have highly experienced and dedicated lawyers on staff, who can work with individuals and businesses both in Australia and internationally.
  • Usher Levi specialises in all aspects of commercial law, including infrastructure and construction projects, property development and structured finance arrangements. Our lawyers have advised clients on various commercial transactions such as hotel, residential, industrial and mixed use developments including roads, gas, water and power projects.
  • We have experience in contract administration, construction and projects law across all industries, including drafting and analysis of EPC contracts, FIDIC contracts, ECI contracts, JV agreements (incorporated and unincorporated), Australian Standard contracts and other building and civil engineering contracts.
  • Primarily our lawyers have represented government bodies, funds, investors, developers, sponsors and lenders in Australia and globally. Usher Levi Lawyers have also acted for high net worth individuals, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

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Owners and managers that have operated in the corporate industry for a number of years

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Directors Beware – Criminal Liability May Arise for Breaches by the Company The decision in

commercial lawyers brisbane

In Note Printing Australia Ltd v Leckenby [2015] VSCA 105, the Victorian Court of Appeal

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