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Usher Levi Lawyers understands that disputes are an unfortunate part of business life. However, it is imperative to manage the dispute effectively and, if appropriate, settle it rather than litigate by way of the parties agreeing, if applicable, to an alternative dispute resolution process.

You can have confidence in knowing that Usher Levi’s commercial dispute lawyers, mediation lawyers and commercial arbitration lawyers in Brisbane will work efficiently and effectively on your matter and will provide you with the appropriate commercial and legal advice to give you the best chance of resolving your dispute cost effectively.

If, however, a resolution can’t be reached, and commercial litigation in Brisbane is necessary, we have knowledgeable, specialised solicitors/lawyers in your corner that can help you understand the complicated issues relevant to the case. Our experienced commercial litigation lawyers and construction litigation lawyers in Brisbane will ensure that your best legal interests are looked after to achieve a positive outcome. Usher Levi has worked across a wide range of areas of construction litigation and commercial litigation in Brisbane and across Australia, having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in shareholder and building disputes.

Usher Levi’s commercial disputes resolution team can assist you across various commercial disputes and our lawyers have advised past clients on quantum claims from $26,000 to over $500,000,000.

Usher Levi Lawyers Dispute Resolution Services:

  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Body Corporate Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Adjoining Owner Disputes
  • Mining Services Disputes
  • Mining and Resources Disputes
  • Building Defects
  • Rectification of Defective Works
  • Building Tribunals
  • Debt Recovery
  • Statutory Demands
  • Winding up Applications
  • Defamation Actions and Defences
  • Business Partner Disputes
  • Partnership, Shareholder and Inter-company Disputes

Highlights of Usher Levi Lawyers Various Dispute Resolution Experience:

  • Gas pipeline construction disputes – advised principal on several substantial quantum payment claims on time and cost claims from head contractor (over a sustained period of months) issued under Building and Construction Industry Payment Act in preparation for adjudication which subsequently drafting settlement deed
  • International Airport – Our litigation lawyer in Brisbane advised Mechanical Electrical Plumping contractor on substantial quantum contract dispute, construction documentation and all aspects of contract administration and preparation and drafting application for arbitration
  • Rail freight forwarding facility – advised head contractor on pavement construction dispute, claims analysis, mediation and rectification works against suppliers and subcontractors
  • Managing various contract disputes – representing government department on time and cost disputes from head contractor, lead designer and development manager and negotiating settlement deeds
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Disputes – advised client on full take-over/buy out of joint project including rectification of defective works, design and warranty issues
  • Global claims – advised principal on global claim from contractor in connection with the design and construction of a mixed use development including settlement deed
  • Residential, Commercial and Retail Development – advised developer on mediation and defect rectification relating to design and construction of mixed use development with contractor including settlement deed
  • Rectification of Defective Works – advised owner on claims against contractor in connection with residential and commercial building works ranging from aesthetic defects to major defects including the management, rectification and compensation related to such claims
  • Shopping Centre – our commercial litigation lawyer in Brisbane advised principal on mediation on contract dispute and rectification works
  • Adjoining property disputes – advised claimant and defendant on various commercial and personal disputes ranging from real property to personal property.
  • Defamation – advised clients and corresponded on various claims against individuals for defamatory statements
  • General litigation – advised clients on preparation of affidavits, Statements of Claim and Counter-claim and Defence


Contact our experienced team of commercial litigation lawyers in Brisbane today! We’re confident we can achieve a successful outcome for any commercial dispute you’re involved with.

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